Recycle All the Things!

German culture is extremely practical, and the emphasis on conserving, recycling, and re-using is, to this American, borderline insane. There are four or five different recycling bins (depending on where to live) and you have to sort your trash into paper, glass, plastic, food scraps, everything else, etc. Large junk can only be recycled twice a year in some places, while in others you have to take junk to a specific location and fill out forms.

It seemed a little ridiculous to me at first, but having been warned ahead of time, I was determined to do my best to follow the rules as soon as I arrived. Last week I laid out different trash bags in the kitchen for each type of waste, and told Aaron what to put in each one. We’ve done our best to keep to it, and I have noticed that I’m already more careful about what I use when I’m cooking.

This morning while we waited for our ride to pick us up, he hunted down and slew a massive fly that had been buzzing around and bothering us since last night (also, the first insect I’ve seen here!). I had to laugh when, after smacking the fly straight out of the air, he turned to me suavely and said “I guess I’ll toss this in ‘everything else’?”

For now that will work, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if fly-recycling were to become the next big thing.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned in to hear about the beauties of Air Force hospitality later in the week.




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