The Paris Opera – And How I Got Involved with



When we first learned we were moving to Germany, I began searching the internet for information on the area in which we would be living. Providentially, I came across the Instagram account and then blog of a lovely lady who had just moved to a nearby area of Germany. Looking at Courtney’s pictures and reading her blog posts were an excellent preparation and encouragement as I made the biggest move of my life.

I commented on a few of her pictures, ended up following her blog, and she gave me some great advice and kindly friended me on Facebook. Some months later, she approached me about writing for StripesEurope, where she has written quite a few articles.

Delighted, I told her I would be glad to contribute an article, and now I am pleased to share my first article published in StripesEurope: How to Attend the Paris Opera on a Budget.

I hope you enjoy seeing through my eyes during our wonderful night at the opera. If you’re a military spouse, make sure you take a peek at the other articles on this website – they can be so helpful! If you’re not a military spouse, but you’re curious about this crazy life we live, feel free to take a peek as well to learn more.

I have been so blessed by all the kind comments and words of encouragement I have received from friends and strangers on this blog. I hope you keep learning life along with me! img_5775


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